Making sure that fresh produce arrives safely in the consumer’s hands is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s food distribution system. Damage to the product can occur because of accidents, mishandling, or in some cases, as the result of intentional harm, which can have serious impacts on human health and the reputation of an entire sector.

Tamper-proof packaging makes unwanted interference with your food products easy to detect and gives the consumer peace of mind that the product had not been altered since it was first thermoformed.

This innovation in packaging provides extra protection from accidents and damage, containers will not open easily during transit, and retailers and purchasers can readily see any sign of foul play or attempts to tamper with products. With an audible click when closed, it’s also easy to know when the container is properly closed.

Tamper-proof, or tamper-evident, containers are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for packaging a wide variety of products including cold pasta, fruit salad, leafy green salad, sandwiches, nuts, snack mixes, confectionery, desserts, and more.