Presenting meat and fish to best effect in the chiller requires a careful balance of aesthetics and food protection. Your food products need to look great to attract the customer’s attention and make them feel comfortable about purchasing, but meat and fish must be carefully handled while being protected from leaks, damage and contamination.

At Custom-Pak, we’ve found that a plastic meat tray sealed with clear wrap is the solution most food retailers choose for packaging meat and fish. As part of our environmental philosophy, we focus on ‘above ground’ plastics and avoid mixing our recycled content with new resin.

We can supply clear plastic food packaging made from RPET for hygienic, attractive chiller displays of fresh meat and fish. These products are lightweight, and our clear trays are 100% RPET and also fully recyclable.

We also encourage producers to advertise the fact that their packaging is made from recycled content because knowing this tends to make people feel better about their purchase and helps to raise awareness of recycling.