Custom-Pak is one of New Zealand’s leading thermoformers of bakery packaging supplies. Our packaging keeps delicate foods like muffins, cakes, scones and biscuits protected and perfectly presented with our range of PET packaging boxes for baked goods.

Made from recycled plastic, our clear bakery containers not only keep food hygienic and minimise damage from transport and handling, but they also provide great shelf appeal and show off your products to maximum advantage with grab-and-go convenience.

Another benefit of our robust, well-designed packaging is the significant reduction in food waste. It’s a well-known fact within the food service industry today that food waste is one of the worst types of waste being sent to landfill because of the negative effect this type of waste has on the environment as it decomposes.

Organic waste, including food waste, is responsible for creating emissions to land and air as it breaks down in a landfill, which is why effective packaging that reduces food waste going to landfill is such an essential part of the oven-to-plate chain and good environmental stewardship.