New Zealand is famous around the world for the quality of our horticulture and clean, green image. One of the best ways to protect both of these assets is to ensure that products arrive to market in optimum condition, and that packaging is both recyclable and produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Our RPET containers protect your valuable horticultural products by providing a wide range of standard sizes and shapes and, as with our other packaging categories, the majority of our punnets and packs for horticulture are formed from 100% recycled PET containers and recyclable within New Zealand.

However, within the range of horticultural products, there is quite a variety of shapes and sizes, from soft fruits like berries and kiwifruit, to small quantities of fresh herbs, and even living plants within the nursery category.

Because we have the capacity to design and custom make our packaging, we can cater to the ever-changing needs of this sector, across the changing seasons, so that every product can be safely transported, stored and displayed, before it reaches the customer for sale.