RPET butchery/meat packaging

Presenting fresh meat and fish in the chiller requires a balance of aesthetics and food protection. You need your products to look good, so that customers want to buy them; at the same time, you need to carefully protect meat and fish from contaminants.

A plastic meat tray sealed with wrap is the solution most leading food retailers choose. And if it’s RPET (recycled PET), customers feel better about buying it. In fact, if you advertise the fact that the meat tray is RPET, you’re ahead of the game.

For meat packaging supplies, Custom-Pak adheres to the principle of ‘above ground’ plastics only, which is why we focus on RPET. In our opinion, mixing RPET with new resin is not the answer the world is looking for.

Talk to us about RPET plastic meat trays and fish packaging. We have a range of standard shapes and sizes for plastic containers, or we can custom-make to suit special requirements.