RPET bakery packaging

Looking after bakery products – muffins, cakes, scones, pastries and biscuits – until your customers consume them is what our clear RPET bakery packaging is all about.

With proper packaging, baked goods are protected from contaminants that could cause food safety problems. What’s more, our RPET packaging protects the shelf appeal of your products – customers can see what they’re getting and there’s less risk of damage before purchase.

Everybody in the food service industry understands that food to landfill is the worst waste of all, so effective packaging is an essential part of the oven-to-plate chain.

At Custom-Pak we nearly work with 100% RPET for clear cake boxes, cupcake boxes and pastry boxes.

We can also produce black RPET, which is sometimes used as a base tray for clear plastic cake containers, however because black requires the addition of virgin resin we always recommend clear first.

Custom-Pak is one of New Zealand’s leading manufacturers of bakery packaging supplies. The packs you source from us can be based on our range of standard sizes and shapes, or we can design and make custom packaging just for you.