A quick guide to recyclable plastics

At Custom-Pak we take pride in the fact that nearly all our products are recyclable and that most of the containers we thermo-form are made from 100% RPET – recycled polyethylene terephthalate, with almost no new resin added.

We are full members of Plastics New Zealand, an organisation that works to influence plastic manufacturing in New Zealand, so that manufacturers behave in an environmentally responsible manner.

All New Zealand cities and towns have introduced recycling schemes to reduce waste going into our landfills. The success of these schemes is variable, because so much depends on consumers doing the right thing. You can learn more about the challenges and opportunities of recycling here.

When it comes to plastics manufacturers, 99% of the waste generated during plastics product manufacturing is recycled by the manufacturer or a contracted recycling company.

Plastic Recycling New Zealand